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I’ve written before about how, when I go to industry events, my bright clothes and jewellery mean I stand out in a crowd of mostly dark-suited mortgage advisers.

At the start of my career, this was embarrassing.  I felt as though just by wearing different clothes, I might be doing something wrong.  I wondered if people might see me as less ‘professional’ if I met them wearing a bright yellow top instead of a plain suit… maybe with a subtle flash of colour.

I began to wonder: should I leave my personality at home?

Fast-forward a few years, and I’m extremely glad I didn’t.

It isn’t just at in-person events that my bright clothes and cheerful personality stand out.  They also dominate My Mortgage Angel’s website and social media presence, both of which generate a healthy percentage of new enquiries – so I must be doing something right!

External appearances don’t tell the whole story.

Getting a mortgage is a serious financial decision.  So whatever I choose to wear, if I didn’t also provide a good, trustworthy service then I doubt people would want to work with me. 

That, to me, is the key to being professional AND fully yourself in business. If you do an outstanding job, you can also let your unique personality shine through in whichever ways feel natural.

The chances are, your job and your personality will complement each-other. For example, I chose to be a mortgage adviser because I genuinely want to help people explore their options and make the right decisions for them. 

My personality is naturally warm and approachable, and people tell me that this is reflected in the clothes I choose to wear.  (“Refreshing” is a comment I hear quite often, along with “unintimidating” – which is all music to my ears!)

For me, expert mortgage advice starts with listening.

I almost feel guilty about the huge amount of job satisfaction I get, just from listening!  But just like the A Team, I love it when a plan comes together, and that’s exactly what good listening achieves.

If I listen, I’ll hear what people really want and need from their next home.  I’ll hear about their concerns, their plans, and their future dreams… some of which may not be as ‘pie in the sky’ as they think.

There’s nothing better than hearing from a client that they’ve finally saved the deposit they need, or they’ve got the job that means they can afford the home of their dreams.

The wonderful thing about my work is that I get to meet different people and offer advice that means they can make confident future decisions. 

My business is called ‘My Mortgage Angel’ because I’m on every client’s side throughout the entire process, offering guidance when they need it and cheering loudly when things go well!

The testimonials I’m grateful to receive from my clients hopefully show that I’m motivated less by money, and more by providing the best service I possibly can, to each and every person I work with. 

If you’d like to find out more about our ethos and approach at My Mortgage Angel, and how this ties in with our expert mortgage advice, please get in touch.

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