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Recently, I went along to an industry event.

As I ordered my coffee, I couldn’t help but notice something.  Dressed in my purple trousers, leopard-print top, and red jacket, I stood out like a sore thumb!

The other mortgage advisors looked the way some people might expect a typical mortgage advisor to look.  They were mostly wearing grey, navy, or black suits – maybe with the occasional flash of colour, or a shiny piece of jewellery here and there.

What ‘should’ a mortgage advisor look like, anyway?

I wasn’t embarrassed about looking so different from everybody else.  I hadn’t ‘dressed up’ especially for the event, after all.  Anybody who knows me, knows that the outfit I was wearing is just part of my everyday work wardrobe!

But did it surprise you? 

Whatever you do for a job, some people will immediately picture a certain ‘look’ that goes with it.  If you were to think of a creative photographer, for example, you probably wouldn’t imagine them in a sober suit.  And I doubt you would expect to see a funeral director wearing lively patterns.

I dress the way I do partly because I love bright colours, and because my clothes are a reflection of the person I hope people see me as – fun, friendly, and down-to-Earth.

But it’s also because I want to challenge the assumption that mortgage advice must always be sombre and severe.

I know that getting a mortgage is a serious financial decision.

There is a natural assumption that a person providing financial advice must look as though they take that role seriously.  And a grey, black, or navy suit can seem like a short-cut to achieving this effect.

However, there is no rule that says you can’t offer excellent mortgage advice whilst also wearing a vivid yellow dress!

When I started my business, I noticed that many people felt drawn to the ‘angel’ logo. My intention has always been to guide people towards the right mortgage deal for them, just as an angel might gently guide their life decisions.

But I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much my customers appreciate my bright clothes, too.  “Refreshing” is a comment I hear quite often, along with “unintimidating”. 

It cheers me to think that people feel I will be speaking to them on their own level, rather than using professional jargon they might not understand.  I may even crack a smile once in a while!

A pioneering approach

My wardrobe forms part of my overall objective: to help make my customers feel informed and confident about choosing the right mortgage for them.

If I can also help them feel relaxed, and maybe even inspire a smile along the way, so much the better.

I work hard to make sure this approach extends into our online presence, too.  So when a mortgage lender recently told me that they follow My Mortgage Angel on social media, and that they enjoy seeing our posts and watching our videos, I was very happy indeed!

You can do the same, if you feel so inclined.  And if you’d like to know more about our friendly, fee-free mortgage advice – or even our relaxed dress code! – please get in touch. 

Approver Quilter Wealth Limited & Quilter Mortgage Planning Limited. 18/10/2022