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I’m fairly sure that most of us have bought something in the past which claimed that ‘one size fits all’, only to be utterly disappointed to realise that actually it doesn’t. I think the same is true of Mortgage Advisers. There are probably thousands of us across the UK, and probably another glut of Mortgage Consultants who aren’t even qualified advisers, so how do you find the right adviser for you?

How I started

I qualified as a mortgage & protection adviser back in 2006. It took me until 2016 to start my own business as I spent a long time learning the things about mortgages that you can’t learn from a textbook. I’m a cautious perfectionist by nature, and couldn’t even contemplate advising clients until I was confident in my advice.

Each lender has their own processing system, with their own policies. There are some lenders that are not suitable for you, and probably many that are. If you just pop into your bank to ask for mortgage advice, you can be sure that they are not going to tell you that another lender would offer you a better deal.

How can I give you the right option?

My first step is always to talk to you. I need to know a rough idea what you want to do. Then we’ll book a meeting when it’s convenient for us both – I work 4 evenings every week so it doesn’t have to be during normal business hours. I know how hard it can be to take time away from work.

One we’ve had a good long chat, I will have all the facts I need for my research. I can then look at the mortgage market to find the right mortgage for you.

So how do you know you can trust me?

I decided to join Mark Cornelius who is part of the Quilter Financial Planning Network, who were one of the largest networks in the UK. As such, I have a wealth of support behind me – compliance teams, technical support, and training. I can go on as many training courses as I like for free!

Initially, I had to pass my competency exams to even be allowed into the network. I have annual reviews and have to take regular exams, that’s over and above the mandatory Continuous Professional Development hours that I have to devote each year. That’s the time I spend talking to the mortgage lenders and life insurance providers to make sure I keep up to speed with their policy and process changes.

All of that means that I am always confident that the advice I give you is right for you. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach from My Mortgage Angel. I love that we are all uniquely different!

Approver Quilter Wealth Limited & Quilter Mortgage Planning Limited. 21/03/2023