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It was in June 2016 – on the same day of the momentous Brexit vote, coincidentally – that I left the City behind and started My Mortgage Angel.

To say I was nervous was an understatement. 

Although I was a qualified mortgage advisor, I had never worked for myself before and had no real idea what to expect.  I just knew that I wanted to put my clients front and centre in the process, which was a contrast to the experience I’d had with my own mortgage application some years before. 

It was also a contrast to some of the guidance I’d been offered during the course of my employed career.  “Try to drop your standards a little, and do a bit less for the clients” was advice I found particularly hard to take!

Eight years later, I’m extremely proud to say that My Mortgage Angel has helped hundreds of clients secure mortgages worth a total of millions.

I’m also proud to say that during this time I’ve managed to maintain my standards, and that the majority of our business comes from personal recommendations. 

To me, each recommendation confirms that we’re doing something right. There are so many mortgage advisers to choose from, so I’m always honoured when a client puts their trust in My Mortgage Angel.

We now work from a dedicated garden office and are in the process of expanding our team, so I know there will be some wonderful times ahead!

However, a birthday is also a good time to reflect on some important questions.  Such as:  what would I have done differently if I’d known what I know now?

After asking myself this question I had some advice for my 2016 self, which I’m sharing here in case it’s useful to anyone else starting a business.

1. Get over yourself – and get recording on social media!

When I started My Mortgage Angel, self-confidence was a big issue for me.  I worried every time I posted anything on social media, in case I said something wrong or that people wouldn’t like.

And as for social media videos – no thanks!

Now I’m glad I didn’t listen to that critical inner voice.  My social media profiles generate regular business, with people often commenting on how refreshing they are.  These days I actually enjoy recording videos, because they give me a chance to explain different parts of the mortgage process and introduce My Mortgage Angel in person. 

Had I known how effective videos would be, I’d have started recording them much earlier on – and much more regularly!

2. Get a REALLY good coffee machine for the office

 I love good coffee.  So why it’s taken me such a long time to get my favourite brand (Nespresso) into our garden office is a total mystery!

3. Don’t listen to negative advice

When you start a business, people will offer well-meaning advice.  I was warned more than once that I’d eventually have to compromise on my (admittedly high!) service standards in order to be successful.

However, I have learned that I CAN be the mortgage adviser I want to be.  This sometimes involves compromising on my working hours rather than my standards, but the job satisfaction I get in return is more than worth it.

What advice would you give your former self, as you started your career or business? 

It’s a question worth thinking about, as it helps to show how far you’ve come – and where you’d like to channel your future efforts.

And if you have any mortgage-related questions for me in return, I would genuinely love to hear them.  Contact me here Contact – My Mortgage Angel


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