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There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to expert mortgage advice, or those who offer it.  Case in point: I recently attended an online networking session at which I was one of two mortgage advisors present. 

Even though we both do the same job, I noticed that we were vastly different in both personality and approach.  I see this as a positive thing.  When we have a good choice of service providers, we’re more likely to find one who meets our individual needs and preferences.

Honest, approachable service from an advisor who cares

My clients tell me they appreciate the fact that I’m always honest with them.  So if you’ve been wondering whether you might be able to borrow more money, or could afford to move house, just ask.

I tend to tell people who feel confused by the numerous options available to book a no-obligation, five-minute chat with me.  They will come away with a clearer sense of direction, whether they decide to work with me or not.  If not, no problem.  I’m not the right mortgage advisor for everyone, and nor should I be!

Those who choose to continue working with me will find I genuinely care about getting to know them.  It’s only when I’ve properly understood your lifestyle, needs, and goals that I can offer the right mortgage advice for you.

Rather go it alone?

I provide fee-free advice, with a fee payable on application.  That means you can ask any questions you like during our initial mortgage fact-finding conversation, with no further obligation and without paying a penny.

Should you decide to do your own research following our conversation, that’s great. In fact, I actively encourage this.  My main priority is ensuring you can feel calm and confident about the huge financial decision that lies ahead, however you choose to proceed.

This extends to submitting your own mortgage application once I’ve presented you with a list of researched options.  If required, I’ll even provide you with lender information so you can make your choice and complete the process yourself.

I recently had a conversation with a client whose original mortgage advisor did not provide lender information with the mortgage options they’d researched.  Researching different mortgage options takes time and work, so I can understand this approach.  However, I’d rather build the kind of transparency and ongoing personal trust that means you feel as relaxed as possible about your decisions. 

Plus, if you need extra help, or you’d like me to take over your mortgage application further in the process, I want you to feel comfortable enough to ask.

Will you take my five-minute challenge?

If you’re confused about your potential options, or you’d just like to discuss next steps with an expert mortgage advisor, I’m here to help.

If it turns out I’m not the right advisor for you, that’s absolutely fine.  I still believe you’ll get something useful from our five-minute conversation, and if you do I’ll consider that a job well done!