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I love my job and that motivates me to do a better job for my clients. I’ve had jobs in the past where I was just there for my paycheck – I didn’t really care about the clients or the company. So long as I got paid then all was well. But then my life changed. I needed more flexibility with working hours. I wanted to be in control of my own working day – some days I need to work in the evening, some days I want to start very early. Whatever the time I am at work now, it’s productive time. I’m energised by finding the right solution for my client.

The trade off for that control though, is not feeling able to switch off completely. Even though I know I’ve already worked 45 hours in a week, on a Friday afternoon when I switch off my computer at 2.30pm, it feels like I’m playing hookie! Prospective clients have no idea what is going on in my world – and I am aware that they don’t even care – I feel, that they just want to talk to me about their mortgage options – instantly. I’m sure often this isn’t even true – they could be simply ticking things off their ‘to do lists’ like I do at random times of the day.

I will need to learn how to balance that it my own head, but for now it means that when I am working, I put 100% effort in. I think it makes me a better mortgage adviser as I won’t ever just settle for the easy option.

Sometimes I have clients with complicated needs, and I can find myself going round in circles for the right option. But then I will step back and think about the advice I would give to my best friend in that situation, and then the right option becomes clearer. And in finding the right solution, I make myself happy! I get immense personal reward from knowing I’ve given a client the right advice, which reaffirms that working for myself is definitely right for me here and now.

If you want me to help you understand your mortgage options, then please do get in touch. I don’t charge a fee for my advice, and you now know it will make me happy when I find the right option for you!


Approver Quilter Wealth Limited & Quilter Mortgage Planning Limited. 21/03/2023