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“I’ve been thinking about reducing the price of my house,” a friend said to me recently.  “It’s been on the market for two weeks now, and I haven’t had a single enquiry.”

Gently, I reminded her that we were only at the beginning of January, and that most people (me included!) would still be adjusting to their ‘usual’ life and work routines post-Christmas.  “Be patient: things will pick up soon,” I said. 

This prompted a question: when it comes to buying or selling your home, does timing matter?

My work as an expert mortgage adviser means I’ve spotted certain house-buying trends over the years. 

For example, in late January and early February the market can be dominated by families who have realised their current home isn’t big enough to host their full-on Christmas festivities!  January’s infamous reputation as “divorce month” also means there may well be buyers looking for smaller homes to move into.

Spring and autumn tend to be the most popular times for buying and selling.

Our days become longer and lighter, and there’s a fresh sense of renewal in the air (particularly at Easter) which can fuel a long-held decision to move. 

Many people want to settle themselves into a new home before the start of summer, especially if a bigger garden is on their wish-list – and if they’re parents, before the start of those long school summer holidays.

While summer tends to be quieter due to the aforementioned holidays, autumn is a popular time for similar reasons.  If you’re planning to make a potentially stressful move, it’s likely you’ll want it to be done and dusted before the chaos of Christmas takes hold!

November and December could be good times to snap up a bargain.

Why?  Precisely for the reasons mentioned above; we tend to want to be nicely moved into a new home before the major events of the year.  This means fewer people will be looking during the early winter months.

Those sellers who, for whatever reason, didn’t get a sale in summer could also be keen to sell before the end of the year, meaning buyers may find themselves with a little more power to negotiate.

(If a seller is allowing potential buyers to traipse through their home during the hectic festive season, it’s a sure sign they’re open to an offer!)

My Mortgage Angel is here for you, whatever the season.

Our mortgage advice is individually tailored to your needs and circumstances, whatever they may be and at any time of the year.

My personal goal is to help people understand the different mortgage options available, by offering a safe, confidential, and honest space in which they can ask as many questions as they like. 

Outstanding customer service is central to my approach.  So when you contact me, you’ll find I’m willing to listen, learn more about your goals and lifestyle, and provide expert mortgage advice that helps you make the right decision for you.

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