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When you picture the process involved in securing a mortgage, it’s unlikely to be easy and clear.   You may even be feeling a strong sense of dread at the thought!

Perhaps you’ve been bamboozled with jargon in the past, or felt confused by all the different options available.  You may believe that to be accepted for a mortgage at all, you must be young (but not too young), rich and successful.

Getting a mortgage is a huge financial decision.  It can be hard to know where to begin –  particularly if you’re a first-time buyer, your circumstances have recently changed, or you’re self-employed with an income that’s far from secure.

Whatever your circumstances, my aim is to help you clarify the entire mortgage process with friendly, fee-free advice that will leave you wondering what you were so worried about!

I’m going to start by tackling ten of the most common mortgage myths head-on.

1. Mortgage advisers are dull and impersonal

Imagine a typical mortgage adviser, and you probably won’t be picturing the life and soul of the party.

So when we meet, you may get a pleasant surprise!

I’m known for my friendly, relaxed and completely personalised approach – and what’s more, I’m a great listener who genuinely enjoys making people smile.

We’ll talk about you and your circumstances, and then I’ll help you find the most suitable mortgage deal to match your needs.  It’s as simple and straightforward as that.

2. Good mortgage advice always costs money

As much as most of us appreciate a bargain, we can be suspicious of something valuable offered to us for free.

Mortgage advisers are paid directly by the lender once a mortgage completes, leaving me able to offer my experience and advice to you completely free of charge.

Better still, you won’t even be charged for my time – meaning there’s no need for you to watch the clock as we discuss your mortgage options.

3. Getting a mortgage means travelling to an intimidating office

My business is based in Essex with a London presence – so depending upon your location, I’m very happy to come to you virtually.

I understand that standard working schedules can make it difficult to arrange suitable time, so to make life easier I’m also happy to meet you outside of office hours.

Wherever we meet, in most cases I’ll only have to see you once to determine all the information required for your mortgage application – so there’s no need to worry about freeing up valuable time for repeat appointments.

4. Mortgage affordability is based on property value

When you apply for a mortgage, your affordability will be assessed on your income and expenses, not the value of the property – which can be a common misconception when people consider remortgaging.

You may be self-employed with a fluctuating income, or in debt and feel you are struggling financially, but as long as you’re making repayments on time there may be mortgage options available to you.  Simply contact me to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

5. Age is a barrier to mortgage approval

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are; to be approved for a mortgage you will need to show that you can afford your monthly payments over the agreed term.  It’s as simple as that.

If you’re over 40, take heart in the fact that it is possible to arrange a mortgage up to the age of 75 or even 80, as long as you can show income in retirement.

6. Mortgage conversations are full of baffling jargon

We’ve all had those perplexing conversations – after which we’ve frantically resorted to Google just to find out exactly what was being discussed!

Our conversation will be about mortgages, but that doesn’t automatically mean lots of confusing jargon.  I’ll use plain and informative language – the kind I’m most comfortable with myself – and I’m very happy to explain anything you may not understand in easy-to-follow detail.

7. You have to save for a large deposit before you can even THINK about getting a mortgage

It’s true that the larger your deposit, the better choice you have when it comes to mortgages.  But that doesn’t mean the door to your new home is closed if you haven’t saved as much as you would have liked.

I’ve surprised many a client with the news that they are eligible for an affordable mortgage deal, even without tens of thousands saved for a deposit.  So there’s no need to deny yourself a foot on the property ladder before we’ve talked about your options.

8. There’s no need to shop around for mortgage deals once you’ve secured one

Many mortgages will transfer to a Standard Variable Rate at the end of a fixed term, often meaning a sharp and sudden rise if interest rates have risen – just as they have done recently.

A mortgage is a product with an end date, meaning that even if you’re happy with your current deal, it makes sense to check if you could move to a similar or better rate once your fixed term ends.

It can help to remember that when it comes to getting the most suitable mortgage deal, doing nothing is not an option!

9. Applying for a mortgage means completing reams of scary paperwork

I founded My Mortgage Angel to simplify the mortgage application process – meaning you won’t need to turn everything upside-down in search of a pen!

Once we’ve found the right mortgage deal for you, simply provide some basic information and I will complete and submit all the associated paperwork on your behalf.  It’s all part of the fee-free service.

10. Using a locally-based mortgage adviser means personal information could be shared

Much to the disappointment of some people, confidentiality is my middle name.

I’m very proud of the fact that My Mortgage Angel is a reputable and established business that has discretion and friendly professionalism at its core.  You can be confident that any information I collect will be securely held in line with financial regulations, and that I never disclose the identity of my clients – even if they happen to be related.

I hope I’ve helped demystify some of those tired mortgage myths once and for all!  If you have any questions about anything you’ve read, or are thinking about applying for a mortgage – then whatever your circumstances, I can help.

Simply contact me (here) to discuss the first steps to securing the home of your dreams.

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  1. When it comes to getting the most suitable mortgage deal, doing nothing is not an option! It makes sense to check in before your current deal ends, and avoid transferring to a higher rate. Contact me now for friendly advice that’s completely fee-free.
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  1. With My Mortgage Angel, confidentiality is key. The information I collect is held securely, and I never disclose my clients’ identities, even if they happen to be related. Contact me for friendly, fee-free – and completely confidential – advice today.

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