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Oscar Wilde’s famous saying: “when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me” is just as relevant to house-buying as it is to most other subjects in life.

How?  If you assume you can afford – or conversely, that you can’t afford – to buy a property without checking first, you may miss out on your dream home.  The same applies to securing a re-mortgage to help build that garden office or swimming pool you’ve been coveting.

“I’ve just put in an offer on an amazing house!”

As an expert mortgage advisor, hearing those words from a potential new client would make me feel nervous.  Buying a house involves a recognised sequence of steps, and if these aren’t taken in the right order, disappointment could follow.

For example, I’ve spoken with people who have made impulsive offers on homes they’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with, only to find themselves unable to get the mortgage deals they need. 

Someone recently contacted me for the first time, excitedly explaining that they had just had their offer on a wonderful new home accepted.  As lovely as this sounded, they hadn’t sold their existing home or checked their mortgage capacity before making the offer.  Sadly, the sale couldn’t be completed.

Check your affordability for a mortgage first

The idea of buying a new home can feel fun and exhilarating.  So much so, it’s tempting to make searching for one your very first priority.  But it’s important to understand your mortgage capacity before you set your heart on a property.

Knowing how much you can afford won’t just reduce the chances of disappointment further along in the process, it will also help you narrow down the options available.  There are a lot of different homes on the market, so wouldn’t it help to know which ones you could potentially buy – and which are firmly out of the running?

Talking to a qualified mortgage advisor (I don’t necessarily mean me!) will help you assess your affordability, secure a Decision in Principle, and take the next thrilling steps towards buying that dream home.

“What if I already know I can afford it?”

Even if you’re certain you can afford a lovely new home, or that you will definitely be accepted for a re-mortgage, completing each stage of the process in the right order will increase your chances of success.  Preparation is key: you may even save money with a mortgage or re-mortgage deal secured months in advance.

I’ll be on your side, every step of the way

My job is to help you understand the different mortgage options available, so you can feel confident about making the best decision for you.  I do this by offering a safe, confidential, and honest space in which you can ask as many questions as you like. 

Excellent customer service is central to my approach, so you’ll find me immediately willing to listen, learn more about your goals and lifestyle, and provide expert mortgage advice that helps you move forward.


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